We've all been doing for years, but it's time for change.

But these days there is a new unit to measure how bright a light bulb is, Lumens. This is particularly relevant to low-wattage, energy efficient LED light bulbs. Because affordable, LED lighting use far less power (or wattage) than either traditional halogen bulbs or CFL bulbs it is no longer practical to compare wattage when considering brightness. The old rule was that a 60W bulb is brighter than a 40W bulb. However, these days ultra efficient 7W LED light bulb is brighter than both.

So how can we compare like for like? Well, rather than comparing wattage, which is a measure of power or energy consumption, the more accurate way is to compare lumens, which is a measure of light output. All of our LED light bulbs and LED Spotlights are labelled with lumens so you can tell the brightness of a bulb not by wattage but by lumens. Even though we have been accustomed to shopping for light bulbs based on wattage, lumens is actually the more reliable and accurate way to measure brightness.

For example, if you usually buy 60W incandescent bulbs or 42W halogen bulbs, which produces about 600 lumens. Then an 7W LED light bulb producing 600 lumens is the equivalent. Each of bulb listing tells you the light output in lumens, and the tradition incandescent equivalent. If you're unsure about anything feel free to hit the live chat button or give us a call. We're happy to help.

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