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  1. Pro-Line Horticulture Growing LED strip
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    Pro-Line Horticultural LED strip light have been designed to provide light wherever there is no space for a large lamp. This LED Strip ideal for by-the-window cultivation, small cultivation or large-surface in small spaces. Our engineers matched different spectrums in order to give the best performance for most plants and all stages of photosynthesis.

    • The highest quality Bridgelux LEDs
    • Designed to support home growing and professional horticulture
    • 3 - year warranty
    • CRI > 95 for white LED
    • Rated at 22 - 25 μmol/m
    • Double-reinforced FPC
    • Three types of spectrum available for different crops and growth steps
    • Easy installation with double-sided adhesive tape
    • Each batch laboratory tested and supplied with 5-years warranty
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